Datacenters, Commercial Broadband & Wireless Networks

Welcome to Computers & Tele-Comm., Inc.! We are the Kansas City Metro Area's wireless broadband provider for businesses, government, and hotel access. CTC is an all access IT company providing, web hosting, email hosting and co-location hosting. Please visit our subsidiary, KC NAP for full details on these services.

Broadband Redundant Solutions

By combining two wireless services - or wireless with DSL, fiber or T1 service - we can deliver complete link failover to your business for 100% peace of mind. Combine 3 for 99.999% reliability

High Speed Installation

When speed is required, our fixed wireless broadband systems can be installed at your business in as little as 48 hours - compared to weeks or months for alternative solutions.

Success Stories

When the Hyatt Hotel and the White House Communications Agency needed to provision fault tolerant Internet services for President George Bush's visit they turned to CTC, Kansas City internet service providers, to supply the wireless broadband connections.

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  • Connectivity Packages from 384kb - 1Gbps
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband
  • Web, Mail, and FTP Hosting
  • Server Co-Location
  • Domain Registration
  • Meeting Room and Event Internet Access
  • B-2-B Wireless Internet Services
  • Tier one support available 24/7
  • Multi-Carrier backbone connection
  • 100Mbps+ scalable backhaul
  • Personal Service (No endless corporate phone menus)
  • Eliminate Local Loop Charges with Wireless

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Business-Class Connectivity and Security

Our extraordinary NAP (Network Access Point) technology allows us to provide your business the fastest, most efficient, lowest latency transmissions of data. That means we can save you time and money.
Multi-Vendor Connectivity
We work with the largest network providers in the US to get you the connections you need where and when you need them. The names you trust to deliver your data where and when you want it.
Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
We own the largest point-to-point wireless network infrastructure in the Kansas City area, and we have relationships with the other largest WISPs throughout the US. We can get you up and running in very short order, so whether you need us for your primary connection or you need us to provide a secondary or backup connection, we can get your job done.
Our data connectivity capabilities allow us to work with some of the top tier providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the country. We can get you what you need to lower your costs, improve and extend your services.


We provide the physical security, cooling, power and bandwidth for your servers and your storage. Whether it’s by the rack, cabinet, cage or a separate room, we can handle your job. Why go to the expense of building out and renting additional space in your facility when you can co-locate your equipment in ours.
Disaster Recovery
Your security planning must involve a Disaster Recovery solution that meets your exact needs. The days of taking home a disk drive in your briefcase with your data on it are long past. You have regulatory and internal security requirements to meet. Let us help you meet them affordably and accountably.
Whether you backup your servers every night or on a less frequent basis, you need a reliable backup plan that doesn’t just back up your data, but makes it easy to recover where and when you need it. Bring your backup needs to us and we’ll provide you the right solution.
Managed Services
is a hot buzzword in the IT Industry. But the fact is that every company’s needs are different, and a true managed services implementation requires more than just a plug and play solution. Our approach to Managed Services is to understand the scope and the complexity of your needs, and then recommend a precise way to handle them that meets your company’s overall objectives.
Business Continuity
Your critical business functions must be available to your customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities or you are effectively not in business. That’s why our approach to Business Continuity is all business. There are no shortcuts for you, and the time we spend with you consulting, understanding and designing how you will keep your business up and running under all foreseeable conditions is where we make the most difference.

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We hold our reseller partners in such high esteem because we know that our role is to support you in your critical role with YOUR customers. In that very important sense, we have a deep understanding that YOU are OUR customers, so that YOU can provide the very best to YOUR customers. We rely on your understanding and your expertise at the point of contact with YOUR customers. In our partnership with you, we provide the resources, infrastructure, expertise and support to YOU, so that you can focus on and maintain your critically important relationship with them.

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